About Us

New Thought, New Technology, New People, New Imagination.

Society Kingdom is a Company of Innovation and Creation. We have started in 2009, earlier it was owned by Webprint Solution- Top 25 Company Certified by Silicon India. On 26th January 2017 Society Kingdom was Luanched in the presence of Padmavibhushan Pt.Hariprasad Chaurasia, Padmashree Pt.Vijay Ghate and Pt. Vivek Sonar with Society Kingdom's Investors, Stake Holders, Partners and Associates in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Central Park, Amphitheatre amongst 3000 people.

Our Vision -
We have a vision to make people's life more easier by our excellent skills and ability. This wonderful dream giving us motivation and by that inspiration we have started with Local Search Engine Kharghar Search.com & Mulund Search.com. These search engines are promoting local area and helping local Merchants and buyers for their day to day fulfilment. Society Management Software was our dream project which is making life easier of Urbans as well as Villages. Our future plans to start to build Online Billing System in Society Management software i.e. Society Kingdom.

Our Mission -
Our Mission is to give finacial freedom to Indian Society.

Why Society Kingdom & Local Search Engines -
We noticed that whenver group of people coming together there is always lac of Management. Society Kingdom is providing Solution to manage such groups like Building Societies, Villages, Charitable Organisation, Sports Club, Gymkhana, Mandals etc. Society Kingdom - Society Management Software is the India's 1st Society Software which is connected with your Local Merchants. It solves your Society's Maintenace issues, Maintenance Followup , Meeting Notification, Society's Grievances, Vendors Management and many more things. That is Why Society Kingdom - Society Management Software is needfull for every Society and Members Group.

Now a days Local Merchants are in too much pain due to Online Market Places. But our Local Search Engines are promoting only Local people in particular area. E.G.In Mulund Search.com, you can only able to see Merchants in Mulund, we have not added Bhandup or any other area merchants purposely. And this makes more powerful to Mulund Business Personalities, the same thing we are doing with other Search engines i.e. Khargharsearch.com.

Our Brand Partner -

GUJU (Advertisement ) Pvt. Ltd. is our brand partner. GUJU has a name of Success and Big Business Tycon in current Era, And this organisation is headed by Most Respectful Person Mr. Bhavesh Bhinde. Bhavesh Bhinde & GUJU advertisement has reputation in the field of Advertising and Outdoor Advertisement. That is why Mr.Bhavesh Bhinde always keep telling people. " NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" !!! and Nothing is impossible now making us happy to work for all noble cause.